Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Red Antique Baby Shoes

I recently finished up an order for my little red antique style baby shoes. 
This particular order was made as decorations to hang on a Christmas tree, but they can used to sit on a shelf or little table, hang from a peg hook, put on a doll or even add a big pouf at the top for a little pincushion. 

Here they are already hanging on the Christmas tree! Ok, so really my tree is in my laundry room in a little closet and I had to search for an extension cord and then the tree's plugin cord, so I could take a proper picture. They are now packed into a box and waiting to be shipped out tomorrow. 

If anyone would like to have a little red antique style shoe to hang on your own tree they are $12.00 per shoe or if you would prefer a pair they are $22.00 a pair. And I do ship international. These are also available at wholesale prices for brick and mortar store owners. Please email for pricing and terms. These may also be made in other colors, such a brown or shabby white or whatever color you would like.  
When finished they have went through an aging process that makes them feel almost like leather and each one is trimmed with vintage buttons.

These little antique style shoes are from a pattern that I designed a few years ago. If you would prefer to sew your own shoes, then you may purchase the pattern (only in E Pattern form at the moment)  HERE or you may email me.

This a Christmas tree of Terry John Woods and where I got the inspiration from to create my little shoe pattern. Don't you just love that tree of little shoes, that once a long, long time ago little feet pitter pattered around in. Too cute!

Only 132 left til Christmas! I thought I had  160 plus! Time to start planning the Christmas sewing!

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Patterns From Friends

I thought I'd share a couple of new patterns designed by a couple of my friends. They are both awesome designers and come up with the most fabulous patterns! 

The  first one up is by Tammy Frank of Rock River Stitches and her adorable Autumn Squirrel. You should see his big bushy tail! Sew cute! He is 7 inches tall by 8 inches wide, so he's a chubbly guy. 

Oh he would be sew cute with your fall decor! 

Pattern can be HERE and HERE.

Next up are the huge pumpkin and snowman head designed by Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm. The snowman head is about 16 inches tall including the hat and both are about 42 inches around in diameter. 

I'm thinking of making the snowman head and then two larger snowballs to go underneath and make a tall standing snowman. I'm not sure how big he is without his hat, so I'm guesstimating that he would end up about  3 feet tall or bit more maybe. 

Pattern can be HERE and HERE.

I can Sew any of these just For You!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tammy Bag Number 1

I thought I'd share the first Tammy Bag I've made. This one was made for a customer and while the pattern gave me a few challenges I hope to tweak it up a bit and make several more of these in the future and one for myself too! 

It did come out rather cute if I say sew myself. I used Riley Blake fabrics. I love her ginghams! 

I added a delicate little trim to the inside. Gives it an even more feminine touch. Depending on the trim it could have a more whimsical look. Like maybe some fun rickrack. I think I would like to make one with a more narrow ruffle or maybe no ruffle at all.

It's hard to see the inside fabric, but it's a beautiful rose print again by Riley Blake. I would also like to enlarge the pattern and use a different more whimsical style frame. There is one that is square with very large ball knob openers that I would to use. All in all a cute little bag. 

If anyone is interested in having one custom made for you they are 45.00. They are made with quilt shop quality fabrics. You choose the fabric or if you already have fabric that you would like to have used then I will deduct that from the 45.00. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Monday, July 22, 2013

And the Winner Is..........


Congratulations Stasalynn you are the winner of the dressform pincushion for the Where Women Create Giveaway.

If you will please email me at and let me know what your fabric choice is (color or maybe an exact fabric you have in mind--just let me know) and if you would like it embellished just like this, some or all of them as shown, just let me know. Thank you!

And a great big Thank You to all of my new followers. I appreciate you and hope to share some fun ideas that
 I can Sew For You!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Giveaway Update

It's sew wonderful having some fabulous followers here on my new blog. Thank you! 

Just a little note. I'm getting ready to head out for the weekend and time has gotten away from me, so we will have the drawing for the little dressform when I return on Monday. In the meantime enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome To My Sewing Room

I am sharing my sewing room as part of Karen Valentine's Where Women Create blog hop. 

And I'm having a Giveaway too! Giveaway info is at the bottom of the post.

 So come on in!

 This is where I create and sew. My sewing table and a little work table next to it.

(If you've noticed the empty gold frame hanging there on the wall, you're probably wondering why. Well it's going to be a shadow box just as soon as I stop to take time to finish it. Really! I promise.)

 The storage wall. I love this wall! Deep cupboards on both sides, 10 drawers, plus 2 hidden drawers in the center at the floor and the storage up above. I can fit a LOT of stuff in this one wall of storage. There are even 2 wedding dresses hanging there waiting for alterations and yes my ironing board lives right there. I have to have it set up at all times. Nothing bugs me more than to have to chase my ironing board. LOL! One of these days I'd like to put a curtain up to hide the clutter.

 As we work our way around the room, in the corner is my angel table painted by my sister about 15 years ago. It currently is my cutting table until I can replace it. I used to have a fabulous drafting table that was perfect. I hope to find one again some day. As you can see it's sitting on paint cans, so it's raised up for easier use, so I don't have to bend over. It's so much easier to work this way. And yes it needs a skirt--one of these days.

 I like hutches for storage, plus they are cute. I plan to leave this one the way it is, but the other hutch will eventually get a new paint job and new drawer pulls.

Just a peek at a few trinkets. A few things made by me and a few things made by friends. 

 A bit of my pincushion collection. Again some made by me and some made by friends.

 A peek inside the top of the one hutch. I have a thing for floral tins and PAPER! I love paper! Cards, pretty journals, scrapbook paper......

 Oh this! This is the Damn shelf! I named it that after it fell of the wall one too many times. Well really the first time was one too many. It has been in two of my sewing rooms and it has fallen off the wall about four times--fully loaded all four times of course. (see Damn shelf!) But you know what. Not one thing was lost! Amazing I tell you. I now have it anchored with cup hooks and it's not going anywhere. One of these days it will be pink!

 The little red sewing machine. My very first sewing machine, that I've had since 1966. I was 5. (I see you doing the math!) LOL!

 I love this little piece! Made by my very talented friend Phyllis Shows. The easel it sits on is made from a fork. Too cute! 

 I love this little corner and I love dressforms. The doll, Ophelia, was made by my dear friend Donna B and no Donna I still haven't finished her dress yet--one of these days. That little silver dish filled with white buttons (I LOVE old white buttons!) will be a velvet pincushion--one of these days. Probably right after I finish Ophelia's dress.

 This little pink box holds a part of my needle book collection. The gorgeous doll was made for me by Christine LeFever for a Valentine's card exchange we did a few years ago.

 And this is Betty. She watches over my sewing room. She has a sister Mae who lives upstairs in my bedroom. I think they need another sister or maybe two. 


Now for the giveaway info. The giveaway is a custom made dressform pincushion like the one in the photo. You can have it made in any fabric that you'd like and with or without the embellishments. 

Here's how.....

Receive one entry into the drawing for each of the following things you choose to do and don't forget to leave me a comment on this post telling me which ones you did, so I can add you to the drawing......

1. Join my blog as a Follower (top of the side bar)

2. Share my blog post on your blog.
3. Like my I Sew For You page on Facebook. 

4. Follow me on Pinterest

Drawing will be open until midnight Thursday July 18th.

Thank you for joining me and best of luck to you!

Click Here for Blog Hop
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Tammy Bag!

I am Sew in love with this pattern! 

I follow Madam Samm at her blog Sew We Quilt and she recently had a very fun blog hop using her gorgeous
 Tammy Bag pattern. Make sure to pop on over to her blog and follow the links of the hop to see all the fabulous Tammy Bags made by the blog hoppers. This photo is from Madam Samms' blog and was made by Madam Samm herself. (drool!)

 I couldn't resist!

 I just had to buy the pattern and sew I did!

 I've found my purse frame. One with big knobby bead opener thingys. Not sure what the technical term would be, but that works for me. 

Now all I need to do is decide what fabric to use. I tell you what all fabrics look good on this bag, so it's going to be a tough choice! 

Besides being a sewing project bag these would make great little cosmetic bags, travel bags, bags for little girls even. Oh so many uses! I may have to have more than one for myself.

  Anyone out there want me to sew you up a Tammy Bag? I would love to! I plan to make several of these for family gifts in the coming year. 

Off to dream about fabric now.........