Monday, May 20, 2013

Burlap Table Runners--What's Your Style?

Burlap table runners are all the rage now and there are so many different and wonderful styles to make them in. They look beautiful on a dining room table, coffee table, sideboard or hutch or how about dressing up a picnic table or a table on the porch. So many ways to use these versatile pieces. I think they are sure to become a classic. 

So which of these fits your style? All photos have come from Pinterest and I have linked each photo back to it's place on Pinterest. Just click on the photo. 

And remember I can Sew one For You! 

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 Simple burlap runner with a simple ruffle. Classic!

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Or add a nice soft ruffle of scrim, muslin or even gauze.

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 A lovely gathered and layered ruffle with raw edges. Casual and classy.

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 Add a small ruffle with a nice cotton print.

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 Double ruffle made from red and white ticking.

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 Do the reverse and make the runner from cotton fabric and pleated or ruffled details in burlap.

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 Totally raw edge and embellish with doilies old and new!

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Try adding some rolled roses! With or without the lace, with or without a ruffle, or maybe some raw edged roses of burlap. Any way it comes up beautiful!

The possibilities are endless! 

Another option could be painters cloth. I love painters cloth! It is soft and nubbly, natural looking and close to the color of this last runners photo.

 No matter what your style I see a beautiful runner in your future!

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