Saturday, June 1, 2013

Downton Abbey Fabric Line!

Have you heard? 

Andover Fabrics now has a brand new Downton Abbey Fabric Line and it's just gorgeous! 

The Dowager Countess 

Love the colors and the swirly designs.

Lady Mary

 Rich colors and more swirly designs!

Lady Edith

Bright and fun! Almost sherbert colors. Very cheery.

 Lady Sybil

More muted tones, but definitely fun and artsy.

Downton Abbey

Classic and understated.

Oh so many wonderful things just waiting to be sewn up from these lovely fabrics. I would love to sew up a wonderful creation for you!

Find out more about the Downton Abbey Fabric line


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  1. I have made it a habbit of staying away from the big fabric store around here. The lines are too long and I have two bad knees. I know nothing about the Downton Abby Fabric. I will for sure go back and see what else you have to say about it. I would love you to make be a bag out of "The Doweger Fabric". I need to find one of your styles and look closer at the fabric and pic a piece.



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