Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Tammy Bag!

I am Sew in love with this pattern! 

I follow Madam Samm at her blog Sew We Quilt and she recently had a very fun blog hop using her gorgeous
 Tammy Bag pattern. Make sure to pop on over to her blog and follow the links of the hop to see all the fabulous Tammy Bags made by the blog hoppers. This photo is from Madam Samms' blog and was made by Madam Samm herself. (drool!)

 I couldn't resist!

 I just had to buy the pattern and sew I did!

 I've found my purse frame. One with big knobby bead opener thingys. Not sure what the technical term would be, but that works for me. 

Now all I need to do is decide what fabric to use. I tell you what all fabrics look good on this bag, so it's going to be a tough choice! 

Besides being a sewing project bag these would make great little cosmetic bags, travel bags, bags for little girls even. Oh so many uses! I may have to have more than one for myself.

  Anyone out there want me to sew you up a Tammy Bag? I would love to! I plan to make several of these for family gifts in the coming year. 

Off to dream about fabric now.........

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