Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Red Antique Baby Shoes

I recently finished up an order for my little red antique style baby shoes. 
This particular order was made as decorations to hang on a Christmas tree, but they can used to sit on a shelf or little table, hang from a peg hook, put on a doll or even add a big pouf at the top for a little pincushion. 

Here they are already hanging on the Christmas tree! Ok, so really my tree is in my laundry room in a little closet and I had to search for an extension cord and then the tree's plugin cord, so I could take a proper picture. They are now packed into a box and waiting to be shipped out tomorrow. 

If anyone would like to have a little red antique style shoe to hang on your own tree they are $12.00 per shoe or if you would prefer a pair they are $22.00 a pair. And I do ship international. These are also available at wholesale prices for brick and mortar store owners. Please email for pricing and terms. These may also be made in other colors, such a brown or shabby white or whatever color you would like.  
When finished they have went through an aging process that makes them feel almost like leather and each one is trimmed with vintage buttons.

These little antique style shoes are from a pattern that I designed a few years ago. If you would prefer to sew your own shoes, then you may purchase the pattern (only in E Pattern form at the moment)  HERE or you may email me.

This a Christmas tree of Terry John Woods and where I got the inspiration from to create my little shoe pattern. Don't you just love that tree of little shoes, that once a long, long time ago little feet pitter pattered around in. Too cute!

Only 132 left til Christmas! I thought I had  160 plus! Time to start planning the Christmas sewing!

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